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AR Project by Mind Map: AR Project

1. Team Member

1.1. Planning

1.1.1. investigate the Document Specification Explain and Discuss how to understand at Kick Off Meeting

1.2. Executing

1.2.1. Follow Team Lead's Schedule and Assign on Time if Delayed, obey the action by TL

1.2.2. Record the Finding from customer and Japan Side separately Confirm with Team Leader and Solve

1.2.3. Update the Progress on Schedule Plan If delayed, give the reason and follow the action by TL

1.2.4. commit the creation at created folder by TL if wrong or forget to collect the old version, Tell the reason

1.2.5. Repaired all bug and finding from QAM and Tester all solution must filled out

2. Customer

2.1. Requirement Specification

2.1.1. Exact Requirement/ if one of the function not sure to change, inform it point out early

2.2. 3D Object(texture /Material) with Eng Version

2.3. Screenshot / Capture from Real Environment

3. MD

3.1. Inititating

3.1.1. Machine Support Windows Laptop that can install 3Dapplication

4. QAM

4.1. Initiating

4.1.1. Participate the KickOff Meeting Define Risk Management

4.2. Monitoring & Controlling

4.2.1. Confirm the Tasks and Assign/ Schedule Track the Team Progress with Updated Schedule if Delayed, Remind to Team Leader to discuss with member

4.2.2. Control the Test Plan/Bug List and Finding List if delayed/ remind to Team

4.2.3. when customer change the requirement, Hold the meeting with Team to discuss which will impact and what kind of request needs to ask to customer Confirm the Deadline Changes

4.2.4. Check the collection of Changed requirement from customer Inspection Process before released to customer

4.2.5. Record the Customer bug and Defect Discuss with member

4.2.6. Hold Team Progress Meeting, if need

4.3. Executing

4.3.1. Control Quality Checking the Pre-Inspection Team needs to send the product (function by function/ module by module) Check Team Progress and Performance Team Reason/Member Reason

4.4. Closing

4.4.1. Final Inspection Prepare to send Customer Satisfaction Survey

5. Tester

5.1. Planning

5.1.1. Investigate the Document to under the project Join the Kick Off Meeting

5.2. Testing

5.2.1. Follow the Testing Plan and Schedule Test (Machine/Laptop)

5.2.2. Record the Bug Confirm all bug has clear or not Confirm all bug are modified

5.2.3. Create the Evidence do as Team's request if need

6. Team Leader

6.1. Initiating

6.1.1. analysis the Requirement Documentation with our Request File

6.1.2. Organize the Kickoff Meeting Confirmation the result and risk

6.1.3. Communication with Customer Confirm with customer about Requirement Specification

6.2. Panning

6.2.1. Plan Schedule and Assign Management with Members Share the information to member

6.2.2. Communication Confirm and adjust the Deadline with customer

6.3. Executing

6.3.1. Tracking each member progress with Schedule Take the action with 5 Why tool if Delayed

6.3.2. Team Leader Review Technical and all finding are clear

6.3.3. Sending the Q&A to customer Analysis the Issue and Solution

6.3.4. Checking the Changed Requirement from customer and adjust the schedule date Assign to Member

6.3.5. Build the folder (beget folder by date) if member didn't follow, take the action

6.4. Closing

6.4.1. Confirm the Finding/Bug/Defect from customer and Japan Side Check all are confirm or not