Final PLN

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Final PLN by Mind Map: Final PLN

1. Websites

1.1. Teacher Channel, Cult of Pedagogy, Edutopia, MindShift

1.2. ABC Media Literacy Week, Common Sense Media,

2. Blogs

2.1. Elizabeth Hutchinson

2.2. Cult of Pedagogy

2.3. Kay Oddone

2.4. Mandy Lupton

2.5. QUT TL Masters Colleague blogs

3. Social Media

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. TL Groups QUT Teacher-Librarianship EREA TL Network Future Ready Secondary Librarians

3.1.2. New QCE Groups (private) QCE Study of Religion QCE Modern History QCE P.E QCE Chemistry

3.2. Twitter

3.2.1. TL Colleagues

3.2.2. Digital and Information Literacy professionals: @IL_spaces @CommonSense @eSafetyOffice @ElizabethHutch @TheCLAlliance

3.2.3. #DigitalLiteracy #DigiLit #InformationLiteracy #InfoLit #TLchat

3.2.4. Library networks and professional organisations @ALIANGAC @ALIANewGraduates @QCAA_edu @slqld @HTAV

3.3. Instagram

3.3.1. @teachingdigitalliteracy @commonsenseorg #informationliteracy #digitalliteracy

4. OZTL_net Discussion List

5. Social curation tools

5.1. Diigo

5.1.1. Following #DigitalLiteracy #InformationLiteracy #InfoLit

5.2. Pinterest

5.2.1. Digital Literacy and Information Literacy boards

6. Face-to-face network

6.1. The 'pod' - daily discussions with trusted colleagues

6.2. In-person networking

6.2.1. Riverbend TL Bookclub

6.2.2. COTLIBSS Group

6.2.3. Future Libraries Working Group

6.2.4. Conferences - EG: National Edu Summit 2019