Lush Cosmetics

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Lush Cosmetics by Mind Map: Lush Cosmetics

1. Brand Facts

1.1. Privately-held cosmetic company

1.2. Specialises on natural beauty products

1.2.1. Creates organic, cruelty-free & environmental-friendly cosmetics

1.2.2. All products are hand-crafted

1.2.3. Popular for its bath bombs

1.3. Originated from England

1.4. Founded by Mark Constantine & Liz Weir in 1995

1.5. Over 931 outlets worldwide

2. Mode of Entry

2.1. Joint Venture

2.1.1. Enter Japanese market smoothly with local partner Acquire knowledge on Japanese culture

2.1.2. Would not incur costs or risks

2.1.3. Increase global market share

2.1.4. Disputes could arise due to differences in cultures

3. Controllable Factors

3.1. Product

3.1.1. Fresh & organic cosmetics Product lines: Haircare, Skincare, Bath, Shower, Spa, Makeup & Fragrances Hand-crafted instead of mass production Lush Tokyo only sells bath bombs Influenced by Japanese culture Eg. Kitsune Bath Bomb

3.1.2. Eco-friendly brand Sells 'furoshiki' - reusable knot wrap as packaging to reduce waste

3.2. Place

3.2.1. Globally distributed 931 stores in 51 countries 152 stores in Japan

3.2.2. One-to-one distribution strategy Products sold exclusively in Lush boutiques, Lush website & app Only third-party retailer - Amazon

3.2.3. Strategic locations with heavy traffic New store located in Harajuku

4. Uncontrollable Factors

4.1. Level of Technology

4.1.1. Tokyo embraces smart technology (AI, automation and R&D)

4.1.2. Utilise R&D to encouraging shopping through Lush Labs app View demonstrations & product details virtually Uses phone-camera and AI to shop packaging-free Product information found in an interactive and environmentally-conscious way Attracts modern and tech-savvy customers

4.2. Cultural Forces

4.2.1. Tokyo is modern yet traditional

4.2.2. Japanese culture has rich history and deep traditions

4.2.3. Bathing culture - sento Reason why Lush is only selling bath bombs in this new store Bath bombs will reflect Japanese culture Eg. Ginger Ninja Bath Bomb 57 limited-edition bath bombs Bath bombs will be rolling by on a conveyor belt to replicate sushi joints Attract domestic customers as products are based on Japanese culture

5. Recommendations

5.1. Expand product line instead of only bath bombs

5.1.1. Sento is not as popular amongst newer generation

5.1.2. Cater to customers who are interested in other Lush products Drive demand

5.1.3. Miss out the majority of the market

5.2. Distribute via retailers

5.2.1. Isetan Departmental Store Famous in Tokyo Attracts many shoppers Gives Lush access to Isetan's customer base Partner with Isetan for marketing to spread awareness on Lush products in Isetan