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Sharewithlifestyle by Mind Map: Sharewithlifestyle

1. Project Prodigy GOAL To provide an environment where people unearth personal breakthroughs in a world that promotes mediocrity and stagnancy. Even if you've had a bad run or don't think you can do it. To complete this goal, we promote: - Beginner to intermediate dance classes - Help build people's portfolios Or Re brand themselves. - To understand what motivates and drives people to reach their full potentials in a safe, creative sanctuary. We want to people rewire their belief systems when it comes to their sedevelopment et, building endurance/resiliance so everyone walks out the studio not only building there talents but mentality to push through the struggles of meeting their goals. facilitating artists

2. Clients // Brand Affiliations

2.1. Dance

2.1.1. Choreographers

2.1.2. Coaches in different styles (beginners to intermediate), rebranding,

2.1.3. Dance professionals

2.2. Music

2.2.1. Music artists

2.3. Modelling

2.3.1. Instagram models / industry models > Utilise Space •Beginner industry classes •Build Personal Brand • Build relationships with their followers.

2.3.2. Upcoming models

2.3.3. Photographers & Videographers • Studio & equipment hire > packages •Choreographer / students •Models / Glam teams •Clothing brands

2.3.4. Beauty Business

3. What are we?

3.1. We are both a community and venue that tailors to connecting the culture through various styles of art including encouraging the entrepreneurial mindset by the means of dance, music, modelling, acting and photography.

4. Where are we?

4.1. Spring Hill Located close to Central Station


4.3. Record walking footage •Train Station •Local Schools (so parents can see that it's a safe walk for their kids)

5. When are we?

5.1. 4 week plan Re Building The Brand PROJECT PRODIGY MENTORED BY ERROL & STAN Driven nd Documented By Mina Midotchi

5.2. ☆WEEK ONE Recruiting Strategy What can we offer them / what can they offer us. > Scripting Direct messages • Choreographers • Music Studio's / musicians • Models /Beauty Businesses/ Photographers/ Videographers ?What's their Business Goal ?What's their interactions with there followers. ?What's their goal with there followers Tailor packages to both business goals and models.

5.2.1. ☆WEEK TWO STRATEGY MARKETING AND BUILDING CONTENT. > Flyers - Canva • Schools • Local Business Owners • Queen Street • Central Station > Build Up Excitement Post Direct Messages •Choreographers •Studio •musicians •Beauty Businesses •Photographers and Videographers • Models Followers Instagram Facebook and Twitter. >>>Eventually Running ads Take video's and Images Build Pre Post Content. • Dance challenges • Style of dances • Musicians pre launch parties • Cypher comps • Spoken word Comps • Photoshoots For Local Brands > Beauty >Clothing >Models Leading into WEEK3

5.3. Everything up and running by 1 month (July)

6. How we're going to market

6.1. Instagram

6.1.1. Messaging upcoming ppl in Brisbane

6.1.2. Running ads

6.2. Facebook

6.2.1. Messaging upcoming ppl in Brisbane

6.2.2. Running ads

6.3. Calling agencies

6.4. Handing out flyers

6.4.1. High school students - where the traffic is/where they walk around after school

6.4.2. Businesses - hang up flyers there on their shop windows

7. What we offer

7.1. ____

7.1.1. Music: - Cyphers - Spoken word comps - Writing and word play classes

7.1.2. Acting: - Acting technique class - Improv exercises - Camera Technique

7.1.3. Models: - Runway technique - Camera confidence - Posing techniques - Digis

8. Target Market

8.1. Age

8.1.1. High school students and 18 y.o

8.2. People

8.2.1. Upcoming artists