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1. Colour additives

1.1. definitions

1.2. any dye, pigments, substance

1.3. put into food, drug or cosmetics

1.4. give impart color

2. functions

2.1. encourage acceptance

2.2. kid oriented candies

2.3. enhance week color

2.4. correcting natural color

2.5. provide colorful to identify product (gelatin)

3. Group

3.1. natural color

3.1.1. do not requires certification

3.1.2. advantage oil soluble can provide transparent color nutraceutical value stability

3.1.3. disadvantage available colors concentration stability objectionable off flavor & odour cost

3.2. syntetic color

3.2.1. need certification

4. natural color

4.1. background

4.2. tumeric

4.2.1. pigment: curcumin

4.2.2. give yellow lemon color

4.2.3. good heat,acid stability, heat sensitive

4.2.4. use : curry

4.3. paprika

4.3.1. pigment : capsanthin, capsorubin,

4.3.2. orange red color

4.3.3. fairly stable to heat and light

4.3.4. use : meats, soups, sauces and snakes

4.4. annato

4.4.1. oldest colorants

4.4.2. yellow to red color

4.4.3. strong anti oxidant properties

4.4.4. unstable to light & oxygen

4.5. antochynin

4.5.1. sources ; grapes and blackcurrant

4.5.2. pH red at low pH brownish greenn at high pH pH depending coloring agent

4.5.3. fairly stable to heat and light

4.5.4. used: beveranges, sugar confectionary, fruit preparations

5. synthetic color

5.1. background

5.2. certified color

5.2.1. water soluble dye dissolve in water manufacture as powder, granule or liquid used : aqueous beveranges, dry mixes, confections, dairy products

5.2.2. lakes water soluble FD&C dyes combine with insoluble material or substrate impart color by disperse into medium impart color by disperse into medium

5.3. application

5.3.1. chewing gum application of lakes dispersed lake into gum matrix homogenize coloration+prevent water flows color remains locked during chewing

5.3.2. colourfull noodle similar as chewing guum color leach out during boiling result faded noodles

5.3.3. others chocolate compound coating icing cookie fillings