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Evaluation by Mind Map: Evaluation

1. Factors

1.1. Cognitive

1.1.1. learning, teaching gaining and application of knowledge

1.2. Affective

1.2.1. involve feelings of satisfaction and attitudes.

1.3. Resource factors

1.3.1. involve costs, profit, availability

2. Course evaluation

2.1. looks for

2.1.1. strengths

2.1.2. weaknesses cause concerns cause threatening situation.

3. requires

3.1. Planning

3.2. Results

3.3. Running

4. Steps

4.1. To whom it is

4.2. importance of results

4.3. Is it necessary?

4.4. Time and Money

4.5. Kind of information

4.6. quality of teaching and learning

4.6.1. Lesson observation

4.7. learner and teacher satisfactions

5. Considering relevant and not relevant data

6. Types

6.1. Formative

6.1.1. forming or shaping the course to improve it

6.2. Summative

6.2.1. making a summary, judgement on the quality or adequacy of the course so that it

7. Teaching

7.1. involves the planning of a programme of work and carrying it through to its conclusion.

8. Quality of teaching and learning resources

8.1. Such as books, classrooms, visual aids, tape recorders, computers, library facilities, social services and administrative support.

9. Is worthwhile

10. Amount of learning

10.1. Course content

11. Curriculum design

11.1. Analysis of the syllabus

12. Grading scales

12.1. Check lists

13. Results

13.1. need to be presented

13.2. not seen by colleagues

14. Involves

14.1. Written and oral reports