Standards 2.0 Introductory Training Session

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Standards 2.0 Introductory Training Session by Mind Map: Standards 2.0 Introductory Training Session

1. Career Exploration

1.1. O'NET Overview

1.1.1. Activity O*NET Quiz

1.2. Day in the life (video)

1.2.1. Activity (Train PD Handout #7-Career Options))

2. Introduction to Standards 2.0 and Employability Skills

2.1. Compare Standards 1.0 vs. 2.0

2.1.1. Activity (Standards 1.0 Handout)

2.1.2. Group Discussion

2.2. Examine a Standard Benchmark

2.3. Employability Skills Framework

2.3.1. Activity (Employability Skills Handout)

2.3.2. Group Discussion

2.3.3. Activity (Train PD Handout #3-Create a Lesson based on Occupation Handout)

3. Using the Standards 2.0 Industry Example

3.1. Working with Industry Examples

3.1.1. Handout - Teaching & Engaging Strategies

3.2. Generating Lesson Ideas

3.2.1. Train PD Handout #5 - Generating Lessons from Industry Examples

3.3. Building a Lesson from Industry Examples

3.3.1. Train PD Handout #6-Flesh Out Your Idea Group Poster

4. Analyze Lessons for Employability Skills

4.1. Contextualized Lesson Posters

4.1.1. Activity (Train PD Handout #8-Analyzing Contextualized Lessons)

4.1.2. Group Poster

5. Create a Contextualized Lesson Plan from Current Lesson Plans in Use

5.1. Train PD Handout #7-What can we add?

5.2. Train PD Handout #9-Flesh Out Your Idea- Adding to Existing Lesson

5.3. Train PD Handout #11 - Evaluating Resources

5.4. Train PD Handout #10-Lesson Plan Template