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R by Mind Map: R

1. Tutorial


2. Google's R style guide


3. Packages

3.1. RGoogleDocs

3.1.1. install.packages("RGoogleDocs", repos = "", type="source")

3.1.2. Had errors when trying to install. Installing RCurl via "Packages Menu" Then, Installed XML package (both XML and RCurl successful) After installing these, tried the above install.packages command and it seemed to work. I have no example code to look at though yet

3.2. binom


3.2.2. Looks very good for calculating error bars on seed counting experiments

4. Installation

4.1. I had an older version of R 2.13.0, and newer packages were giving warnings. So, I decided to install 2.14.0.

4.1.1. I uninstalled R, but I think it may have deleted packages. Not sure yet Update instructions "What's the best way to upgrade?" Ran update.packages(checkBuilt=TRUE, ask=FALSE) Copied My Documents/R/Win Library/2.13 to 2.14 Ran the above update.packages command again, and it did those packages

4.2. Ubuntu Linux

4.2.1. sudo aptitude

4.2.2. Chose r-base, which installs a bunch of things (78 packages)

5. Downloading from public google spreadsheet

5.1. Bypass certificate stuff

5.1.1. RCurl, Here is the FAQ

5.1.2. myCsv <- getURL("", ssl.verifypeer=FALSE)

5.2. Other info (didn't use this method)


5.3. Stackoverflow discussion


5.4. Dealing with commas, stackoverflow answer


6. Graphing

6.1. Tutorial on scatter plots. so far seems excellent


6.2. R Graph Gallery



7. Tinn-R