Beef cattle farming: winners and losers between 80's~2015

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Beef cattle farming: winners and losers between 80's~2015 by Mind Map: Beef cattle farming: winners  and losers between 80's~2015

1. Animal (2019) 13:5, pp 1063-1073

1.1. 2017 JIF: 1.870

1.2. Cambridge, England


2.1. INRA, Université Lille

2.2. France

3. Economy!

4. Generation and distribution of productivity gains

5. Methodology

5.1. Surplus Accounting Method

5.1.1. Firm's productivity factors intermediate inputs, capital, land, labour performing productivity gains redistributed agents in the economy

5.1.2. database 164 Charolais suckler cattle 1980 ~ 2015

6. Results

6.1. Cumulative productivity surplus

6.1.1. +0.17%/year

6.1.2. outputs produced x inputs used

6.1.3. constant expansion in labour productivity other factors shrunk

6.1.4. macrotrend Commercial farm business struggle to protect their revenues slight fall input prices land rent financing costs huge climb direct support-policy payments

6.1.5. bulk of cumulative economic surplus downstream 64% 22% productivity gains in BCF benefit packers-processors distributors consumers government money backing drop in prices of agricultural output

6.1.6. 1992 "MacSharry' reform transfer from taxpayer through direct support-policy payments through to the consumer via lower prices

7. Conclusion

7.1. farmers'incomes are stagnating

7.1.1. net losers