Healthcare Financing

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Healthcare Financing by Mind Map: Healthcare Financing

1. Subsidies

1.1. Eldershield

1.1.1. Set up in September 2002

1.1.2. It offers disability insurance to all 40 year old Singaporeans with CPF accounts

1.1.3. To risk pool against financial risks of suffering severe disability

1.1.4. Provide month;y cash payout to help pay the out of pocket expenses

1.2. Medifund

1.2.1. Set up to be a safety net for patients with difficulties paying the subsidies bill charges

1.2.2. Initial capital of $200 million

1.3. Medishield Life

1.3.1. Medical Insurance Scheme introduced in 1990

1.3.2. Premiums for Medishield can be paid by Medisave

1.3.3. Help members meet large Class B2/C hospitalisation bills which could not be sufficiently covered by their Medisave balances

1.3.4. Operated by the CPF Board

1.4. Medisave

1.4.1. Established in April 1984

1.4.2. National Scheme

1.4.3. Help individual to set aside part of their monthly income for their personal or immediate family's medical expenses

1.4.4. Managing costs through individual financing

1.4.5. Expanded to include more illnesses

2. Singapore's Healthcare System

2.1. Population ages and families become smaller

2.2. Singapore's Healthcare Financing Framework

2.2.1. Increase Government share of our national healthcare expenditure

2.2.2. Gradually expand Medisave use

2.2.3. Enhance collective responsibility for Healthcare

2.3. Philosophy

2.3.1. Offer universal healthcare coverage

2.3.2. Individual responsibility and affordable healthcare to all citizens (Multiple tiers of protection)

2.3.3. Promoting competition and transperancy

2.4. Challenges

2.4.1. Ageing Population

2.4.2. Increase of Chronic Diseases

2.4.3. Increasing demand for more healthcare services

2.4.4. Increasing demand for more affordable healthcare

3. Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS)

3.1. Singaporean lower to middle income households with better access to primary healthcare

3.2. Engage private General Practitioners (GPs) and private dentists to provide more common outpatient medical and dental treatment

3.3. Pay subsidised rate

3.4. Treatment of common illness, basic dental services and chronic conditions

3.5. Can also make use of their Medisave to pay for this treatment

4. Pioneer Generations

4.1. Effect from 1 September 2014

4.2. Funded by $8 Million

4.3. Not income dependent

4.4. Additional 50% subsidised services