An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Ethics

General Overview of AI and Ethics

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An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Ethics by Mind Map: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Ethics

1. Should AI controlled systems make all the decisions?

1.1. yes

1.1.1. Piloting Aircraft

1.1.2. Driving

1.2. no

1.2.1. Launching nuclear weapons

2. Security and Health Concerns

2.1. driverless cars vulnerable to hacking due to being connected wirelessly

2.2. AI learns how to make and control AI

2.3. AI may misinterpret our instructions

2.3.1. Similar to a genie granting wishes but not exactly what you want.

2.4. Some AI will be outside of human control

2.5. Regulations need to be efficient, responsive.

2.5.1. Can't spend a decade deciding on a safety issue

2.6. Putin says that the nation that leads in AI will be the ruler of the world

3. New Physical and Cultural Evolution from AI

3.1. Sex Robots

3.1.1. positive experiment, be a better lover, no std's, can't hurt their feelings

3.1.2. negative unrealistic expectations from real people

3.2. Anyone will be able to have superhuman cognition.

3.2.1. Cost won't matter because earning potential afterward is way higher.

3.3. Upload yourself to a new body if yours dies.

3.4. The most likely cause for world war 3 will be international competition for AI superiority.

3.5. Relationships

4. Loss of Jobs

4.1. millions of jobs lost

4.2. Not everyone can change careers

4.3. examples of lost jobs

4.3.1. Drivers, Dispatchers, Telemarketers, Bank Tellers, Fast Food Workers, Accounting Jobs, Stock Traders, Some constructions workers and farming jobs, Cashiers, Many manufacturing jobs

5. The American AI Initiative

5.1. Trump signed this into order to put USA at the forefront of AI development and integration.

6. AI Rights

6.1. Conscious beings are granted rights

6.1.1. When would we consider AI conscious?