Fictional characters

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Fictional characters by Mind Map: Fictional characters

1. imagination: when having a fictional character that allows a child to use their developing mind to imagine greater things.

2. creativity: having imaginary friends it allows a developing child to create and use their creativity to an extreme extent allowing for further development at a faster rate.

3. imaginations allows for the brain to create different sensations in the brain, that aren't able to be found through the 5 senses

4. an imaginary friend is typically brought to life during a shift in a child's life which then the child uses the imaginary friend to express emotions they cant express them selves.

5. Drama: At a young age I developed an imaginary friend who seemed to be quite realistic

5.1. with most imaginary friends, there is normally one sided conversations in which you can understand only what the living child is saying which is normally all of the talking

5.1.1. when I had my imaginary friend, it was always 2 sided conversations

5.2. I came up with an extremely realistic back story of her life, which seems quite gruesome really