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S O P H I E by Mind Map: S O P H I E

1. p a s t

1.1. c h a l l e n g e s

1.1.1. immigrating to canada adjusting to new environment

1.1.2. learning english was not allowed to speak Chinese, made learning difficult

1.1.3. making friends faced a lot of teasing due to my poor english

1.2. h o b b i e s

1.2.1. reading led to story writing helped a lot with learning english

1.2.2. lego sets led to story telling and role playing creative outlet that made imagination wild

1.2.3. physical activity monkey bars capture the flag

1.2.4. counting bruises was a clumsy kid went to ER quite a few times high pain tolerance

1.3. p e r s o n a l i t y

1.3.1. timid painfully shy unable to stand up to teasing

1.3.2. adventurous loved to explore nature

1.3.3. precocious wondered about the way things were asked a lot of questions

1.3.4. sporty

1.3.5. clumsy

1.4. i n f l u e n c e s

1.4.1. father fierce daring wildly ambitious idealistic confident dramatic

1.4.2. mother kind a wicked sense of humour forgiving empathetic

1.4.3. aunt debonair persuasive intelligent

1.4.4. grandparents passionate stubborn steadfast perfectionist

2. p r e s e n t

2.1. s k i l l s

2.1.1. piano 8 years of playing rcm level 9

2.1.2. writing storytelling imaginative vivid imagery realistic characters good vocabulary writes good essays

2.1.3. coding html website building

2.1.4. art sketching digitial art comic/manga character designs

2.2. g o a l s

2.2.1. volunteering interacting more with community

2.2.2. get back into more sports helps meet more people at school stay active outside of school

2.2.3. finish piano level 10

2.2.4. manage stress better ends up cramming a lot will help in future

2.3. p e r s o n a l i t y

2.3.1. ambitious influenced by dad more willing to input ideas and direct them to fruitation

2.3.2. confident willing to stand up for myself and others not afraid to make myself heard

2.3.3. outgoing more willing to put myself in the spotlight taking initiative to make friends

2.3.4. outspoken

2.4. a c h i e v e m e n t s

2.4.1. honour roll with distinction

2.4.2. freelance employment writing for clients

2.4.3. piano level 9

2.4.4. becoming more comfortable in canada

3. f u t u r e

3.1. g o a l s

3.1.1. reconnect with chinese heritage

3.1.2. licenses driver's license helicopter license first aid license

3.1.3. own a car

3.1.4. help change the world improve medical technology cancer treatment dementia treatment amnesia treatment help with space-landing missions mars colonisation project volunteer with peace corps

3.2. a s p i r a t i o n s

3.2.1. no student debt

3.2.2. own an apartment

3.2.3. publish a comic/book independently

3.2.4. travel to more then 40 countries understand more of the world volunteer with peace corps

3.3. e d u c a t i o n

3.3.1. bachelor stem degree aerospace engineering biomedical engineering

3.3.2. caltech

3.3.3. john hopkins

3.3.4. ubc close to home still one of the world's best

3.3.5. tsinghua china's best international applicants have better chances will be able to interact with china's brightest

3.4. c a r e e r

3.4.1. high paying job stable income

3.4.2. paid vacations

3.4.3. includes health insurances

3.4.4. do something that i love so i can work to the best of my abilities be surrounded by people who share similar ideas