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The USSR by Mind Map: The USSR

1. . The New Economic Policy

1.1. Russia suffered human loss and material damage during Russian Civil War.

1.2. In 1921, The New Economic Policy: NEP was an attempt to rebuild the economy:

1.2.1. Farmers were allowed to grow and sell their products.

1.2.2. Domestic free trade was authorised.

1.2.3. Small and medium companies were allowed to hold private property.

1.3. That policy made an economic growth.

1.4. That growth created a new Bourgeoisie

1.5. Profound tension and debate within CPSU.

2. . The USSR: A new state

2.1. The USSR was created in 1922 as a federation of republics.

2.2. The first constitution of the USSR was made in 1924:

2.2.1. The republics had autonomy in demestic policy.

2.2.2. In practise, political organised was controlled by CPSU.

2.2.3. The CPSU was headed by a secretary general and the main committee was the Politburo.

2.2.4. In 1924, USSR normalised its foreign relations.

2.2.5. The highest legistative body was the Supreme Soviet. This institution named the Presidium, whose president was Head of State and the Council of Peoples Commissars.

3. . The USSR and Internationals

3.1. Lenin wanted to extent the revolution outside the USSR. In 1919, he created the Third Internation. Other countries were invited to jointhis organisation.

3.2. The USSR became an ideal communist party.