Themes in Laughter out loud by Erika Goordeen

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Themes in Laughter out loud by Erika Goordeen by Mind Map: Themes in Laughter out loud by Erika Goordeen

1. Intro/Ch.1: Impoverished women: Mulatto(a)/Black/Afro-latino

1.1. Humor

1.1.1. a type of communication that expresses sentiments that are difficult to say publicly and show discontent with their social life. It may reference tradition and the social life of that culture. It helped the poor get through hard times. James Scott refers to it as one of the weapons of the weak.

1.2. Often live in the flavela(shanty town) or the ghettos of Brazil. Hold a low socioeconomic class and usually some live in poverty. Usually live in urban areas were oppressed and nonliterate. They express insecurities and self-hatred for African physical characteristics. They have desire to possess white physical characteristics.

1.3. Crime

1.3.1. Happens more frequently in impoverished areas of Brazil

2. White Males

2.1. High-socioeconomic class, seen as primary breas winneras and are viewed as the primary financial providers

2.2. High socioeconomic class. Usually the bread winners and are viewed as the primary financial providers.

3. Ch. 2:Generations of servitude

3.1. Gloria and other people living in her area have worked under people their entire life and others and people have been doing that for generations.

3.1.1. It can be observed that there is a sense of favoritism when it comes to upper class students than the lower class. It seems that the lower class students are stuff int eh cycle of poverty and may never be label to come up form their hardships. This in turn will result in the continuous decline in the economy, The authors shows the severity of how impoverished people rarely make it out because the wages that are earned are barely enough to buy food or even use public transportation not get to their jobs.

4. Ch.3: Racism

4.1. Brazil is not as modern when it comes ot matters of race. The author higlights that peopel in Brazil do not discuss race or even have the tools to start a movement for equlity.

4.1.1. In this book they refer to white rich men as coroa. They have a fantasy of possibly seducing a coroa to achieve wealth and escape the poverty. Racism is ever present in Brazil in the form of nicknames and jokes. Also the interactions between white an black Brazilians. Ana Flavia is called the black Cinderella by white men because they find it astounding that a black female is the governor daughter and not in poverty with most of the black Brazilians,

5. Ch.4: Laughter out of place & poverty

5.1. This chapter hexplains the title of this book. "laughter out of place" In this chapter Grida finds out that someoen that she new as a teenage passed away. Her reaction was unexpected, she made jokes about his passing and laughed at it. She did not display any signs of loss.

5.1.1. The prevalence of homeless children living in impoverished neighborhood is very high. Some of these children end up dead. There is speculation that the government are in charge of these attacks due to lower the number of homeless children. The upper class society does not favor how Brazil is viewed at on the news. This is their way of changing that. The parenting style is very tough. When Gloria's son wet the bed she forced him to suck on his sheets that had urine on them through the neighborhood. Gloria also got her children to start working because she didn't want them to get involved with gangs.

6. CH. 5: Crime and violence

6.1. Rio de jinero has a very high crime and poverty rate. The division between poverty and wealth. They also have a very big tourist ares with luxury modern buildings.

6.1.1. The city of felicadade eterna has a very high crime rate. Crime culture is very prevalent. The gangs protected the city. There are also a lot of drug users. The gangs recruit young males in their area and pay them to be in them. The drug chiefs provide a lot for the locals. hey help with housing and are there in an emergency (rape, cheating and etc).