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1. Strategies

1.1. Questions

1.1.1. Restructure certain lessons to be question based. Start with instructor led examples Then ask students to begin prediction material with creating questions Have students read material before class and construct set of questions for class Provide “reading” resources geared toward reading math text Start small - One lesson at a time - reflect of strengths and weaknesses

1.2. Targeted feedback

1.2.1. Students excelling Receive encouragement emails

1.2.2. Students struggling to keep up Receive reminders about deadlines and resources for motivation and further understanding

1.2.3. Students falling behind Receive emails asking targeted questions to which I expect a response Provide Lifemap resources depending on responses

2. Enhancing Concepts

2.1. Early success opportunities

2.1.1. Flip content (when appropriate) to allow students to succeed earlier in semester

2.1.2. “Front load” sections with “easy” foundational quizzes

2.1.3. Provide early praise for achievement

2.1.4. Encourage struggling students and provide opportunities to “correct” mistakes or missed assignments

3. Observed Challenges

3.1. Persistence is a challenge in online math courses

3.2. Students unmotivated to “think” during class

3.3. Students don’t begin work right after class - timing is everything!