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Mark Zuckenberg's by Mind Map: Mark Zuckenberg's

1. Entrepreneur. co-founders of Facebook

2. To be successful

2.1. Ambition

2.1.1. Ambition comes from within as a form of willpower and forces us to make serious decisions in order to be successful. Zuckenberg's drive to launch Facebook, from his university dormitory, despite the competition of the other leading social networks, showed he was committed to his product and had faith it would be a sentation.

2.2. Creativity

2.2.1. The development of Facebook was an imaginative idea Having friends and family connect over long distances through images, text status updates and personalized forum. Zuckenberg's continued to use his skill of innovation to reshape and rethink Facebook's design and layout.

2.3. Risk-tolerance

2.3.1. Zuckenberg's has taken many risk to clain his way to fame. One of the main risk any businessperson faces is the factor of their product no selling He faced the danger of adopting Facebook from another source, as it could have been easily referred to as a copy of a concept that was already patented