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The Farm by Mind Map: The Farm

1. Visual Arts

1.1. Create part of the animal

1.1.1. Tail

1.1.2. Whisker

1.1.3. Making animal head band, helmet

1.2. Drawing/design animated farm animal

2. Music

2.1. Learn the animal sound

2.1.1. Different pitch

2.1.2. Dynamic (loud/quiet)

2.2. Music about the farm

2.2.1. Old Mc Donald

2.2.2. Bingo

3. Drama

3.1. Dress up

3.1.1. Cowboy or farm animal by visual arts pieces

3.1.2. Move like an cowboy

3.2. Care for farm animals

3.2.1. Feeding

3.2.2. Taking a bath for animal