30 Day Deal Challenge

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30 Day Deal Challenge by Mind Map: 30 Day Deal Challenge

1. READ FIRST! Important Concepts To Understand

1.1. You are not building a HUGE business... simply Quick Flipping a single deal.

1.2. You don't need a fancy office, website, business cards, business name, or even a suit.

1.3. FIRE - READY - AIM mentality

1.4. Get plugged into our private PRO Facebook group and become part of our community.

1.5. Show up to our Weekly LIVE Q&A Webinars

1.6. As a Clever PRO Member you'll get access to new videos & training which get unlocked each month!!!!

2. Week 1 - LEARN

2.1. Watch "Quick Flips For Big Profits" Course

2.1.1. Download & Read " How To Flip Houses With Little Or No Money"

2.2. Download and read the first 7 days in "Your First 30 Days In Real Estate"

2.3. Watch "Negotiation & Influence" Training

2.4. Watch "Lead Generation Videos"

3. Week 2 - PRACTICE

3.1. Making Calls

3.1.1. Watch "Dialing For Dollars" training

3.2. Comping / Analyzing

3.2.1. Use the "Analyze Your Deal" tool

3.2.2. Or, the Excel Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet

3.3. Making Offers

3.3.1. Watch "How to Complete a Contract" in Quick Flips for Big Profits course.

3.3.2. Get people to say "Yes" in Negotiation & Influence course.

3.4. Marketing Under Contract Deals to Cash Buyers

3.4.1. Social media

3.4.2. Classified sites

3.4.3. To your cash buyers list

3.4.4. Bandit signs

3.4.5. Through real estate agents

3.4.6. Through other wholesalers

3.4.7. Send out direct mail

3.5. Building Relationships With Other Investors / Power Team Members

3.5.1. Investor-friendly closing agent

3.5.2. Local real estate agents

4. Week 3 - ACQUIRE

4.1. Make as many phone calls as you can

4.1.1. Motivated sellers

4.1.2. Cash buyers

4.1.3. Other wholesalers

4.1.4. Local real estate agents

4.2. Go to as many appointments as your can

4.2.1. IF seller lives in-state...meet at the subject property if you can

4.2.2. IF seller lives out of state...go to subject property and use FaceTime & negotiate over the phone from inside the property if you can

4.3. Write as many offers as you can

4.3.1. Lock up as many deals as you can...you can always renegotiate or walk-away if you can't find a cash buyer

5. Week 4 - CASH IN

5.1. Open escrow with your investor-friendly closing agent

5.2. Assign or double close deal to cash buyer

5.3. Push deals through closing to ensure deal closes and you GET PAID!!!!!

5.4. Rinse and repeat