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Sustainability by Mind Map: Sustainability

1. Materials

1.1. Scoby - from Kambucha

1.2. Recycled plastic and wood

1.3. Solar cells

1.4. Electronics

1.5. Battery

1.6. LED

2. Sustainability

2.1. Scoby is made from bacteria

2.2. Recycled materials stop the materials from going to landfill

3. Health and Safety

3.1. No exposed wires

3.2. No high voltage

3.3. Hard battery pack so it doesn't get damaged

3.4. No sharp edges

4. Target audience

4.1. People who frequently go without power

4.2. People in developing countries

4.3. People that go into dangerous situations

5. Ideas

5.1. Solar powered portable charger/ light

5.2. Edible water bladder

5.3. Solar powered light

6. Research

6.1. How to wire a solar panel

6.2. How to wire up a 3 way switch