The Computer

This is showing the difference between input and output devices

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The Computer by Mind Map: The Computer

1. Input Devices

1.1. Camera

1.1.1. Benefits/Learning Application Captures and stores images/movies/sound Allows for creative expression

1.1.2. Challeges It can be difficult to use Some are expensive

1.2. Scanner

1.2.1. Benefits/Learning Application It can copy document an convert them to digital form The teacher can scan items and not have to carry the hard copies

1.2.2. Challenges Most personal scanners are slow Some can be difficult to network Faster scanners tend to be in all-in-one machines which are bulkier and expensive

2. Data flows this direction

3. Output Devices

3.1. Projector

3.1.1. Benefits/Learning Application Screen size is not confined and can be shown on any blank white surface (preferably smooth) For learning it is ideal because of portability and it does not require a lot of storage space They are becoming more affordable for the initial purchase.

3.1.2. Challenges Replacement bulbs can be expensive There is a need for external speakers in most cases

3.2. Printer

3.2.1. Benefits/Learning Application It can take a digital copy of something and produce a hard copy. The sizes can range from small to large. This depends on the size of the printer It allows student to produce a hard copy of their work.

3.2.2. Challenges Networking the printer to multiple computers

4. Data flows this direction