Software Engineering

Sofware enineering

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Software Engineering by Mind Map: Software Engineering

1. What is the outlook for the software engineering?

1.1. Current and Future Positions.

1.1.1. Internet

1.2. What role does software engineering for companies in the future?

2. What are the prerequisites of a software engineer?

2.1. Associates, Bachelors, Test, or a skilled class

2.1.1. Internet

2.2. Advancement opportunities.

3. Which companies employ software engineers?

3.1. Current and planned locations for hire.

3.1.1. Library

3.2. Cost of living v. pay at locations.

4. What does the company life consist of with software engineers ?

4.1. Health and family services.

4.1.1. Internet

4.2. Retention rates of employees at the company(s) for a software engineer.