TNT: RCI Call Center Challenge

TNT Mind Map

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TNT: RCI Call Center Challenge by Mind Map: TNT: RCI Call Center Challenge

1. Get Info Out Fast As We Can

1.1. Is there an alternative to KD?

1.2. What are the processes for emergencies (i.e., Cuba) versus "normal" day-to-day processes of communications and such

1.3. Leverage what we have but also think about what potential solutions we can offer the business that doesn't exist today

1.3.1. We can do both Quick Wins / Easy Opporunties Ideal solution for the future

2. 4 Contact Centers

2.1. (5) 3rd Party Conduent

3. The Challenge: 3 different agents with 3 different answers

3.1. Goal: "Provide consistent information to guests and travel partners"

3.2. "80% of the knowledge is the same regardless of market"

3.2.1. 20% localization Travel partner questions for US vs Canada - spent a lot of time to find answers on T&Cs on cancellation, high-level info is helpful but would like the actual T&Cs to share with travel partner (more details beyond the general) - easy access Uk/Aust/ etc...very hard to find information even though each market has their own page. They can be considerably different because of laws / difference "up in the air" a lot of agents use Google or 3rd party sources Do agents know what exists? Org chart of what teams do they need to go to for certain situations? There are different resources for different information. Deck plans = website. Policy = KD. Something else = PCP. Q - is there something unique to just call center? We try to direct agents to KD. The different call centers who serve different markets - there may be different challenges within the centers themselves Compare / Contrast centers Involve team in EMEA for comparisons too - compare to LATAM / AMER Q: What regions have least # of complaints? Which have the most? Time of day / DOW?

3.3. Call Center or Contact Center?

3.3.1. We should call it a Contact Center Call center carries connotation of more transaction vs. relational in nature / service-oriented

4. Post-Cruise Guest Calls for Problem Resolution

5. Complexity of Organization Overall

5.1. Global Reach

5.1.1. 2500 FTEs

5.2. VUCA World (e.g., Cuba)

5.2.1. "Dynamic Data" changing all the time Friends often hear first - we live in a SM world that moves faster than KD Everything is kept secretive until things are announced officially. How do we get information to people "at the moment" there are "Go-To" market meetings - this is somewhat new-ish (2 yrs) There are 2 resources where this is very true "Cruise Critic" and RCL Blog

5.2.2. "Flash Sales"

5.2.3. We knew about CUBA but we couldn't do anything about it We got it into our teams ASAP but it was at the very last minute

5.3. Knowledge Desk

5.3.1. Accessible in Homeport User-Experience Not Great Future request to enhance/replace

5.4. FAQs

5.5. Social Media News before RCL Training

5.6. Training

5.6.1. 3 to 6-month lead time for agent training - steep learning curve Side-jacking "Nesting" Week Certification Local trainers "Google Searching" what's published online

5.6.2. there are 3 separate training teams

6. Types of Business

6.1. Direct Business

6.2. Groups (Many Variations)

6.3. Outbound

6.3.1. Goes after 2/3 of possible guest bookings to convert to sales

6.4. Direct calls from guests

6.5. Individual reservations

7. Travel Advisors

7.1. Largest Channel

7.2. Phone Transactions

7.3. Chat Bots

8. Royal Customer Service (Lally)

8.1. Social care - scraping for complaints online

8.2. Executive Escalation to C-Suite

8.3. ADA

8.4. CUBA - was part of the initial calls, but it takes time for information to filter down to lists of people

8.4.1. Lots of cascading of information time suck

9. International

9.1. 100% outsourced

10. Pre-Cruise Planner

11. Website Help

12. RCI North America Support & Shared Services

13. New Items In Development

13.1. Speech Analytics

13.2. Agent Screen Recording - To Be Launched

14. Ship Assist

14.1. What should we do when ___?

15. Servicing the Loyalty Program

16. STAR desk

16.1. top 40-50 accounts

17. Casino

17.1. 100% live / no automation

18. Open Questions

19. Goals / KPIs by department

19.1. Hesitation to spend more time with guests

19.1.1. Goals to limit dead air Hold while I look for the information... bad experience for caller

19.2. time tracked (full avg. time, talk time, hold time, etc...all sorts of fun is tracked)

19.3. Each dept has different handle time, after call time, etc...

19.3.1. pressure in the departments can be extreme

19.3.2. Agents may be nervous