Green Alternatives

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Green Alternatives by Mind Map: Green Alternatives

1. Include the energy cost of houses in their market valuation.

2. Activate energy efficiency aids to support rehabilitation

3. Establish a reduced IVA for solid biofuels and biomass boilers

4. Create habitat banks to finance conservation projects.

5. Promote public-private collaboration in forest management

6. Introduce efficiency plans to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings for public use.

7. Introduce "smart" tolls that promote collective transport and the use of low emission vehicles

8. Regulate the net balance to favor that individuals generate their own energy

9. Publicize the average consumption of buildings to promote efficiency

10. Carry out a deep fiscal reform that encourages activities with less environmental impact and that is socially fair

11. Obliging the banking entities that receive public subsidies to take into account social and environmental parameters

12. Help establish new farmers in rural environments and the periphery of cities

13. Promote the consumption of local products with lower carbon footprint

14. Set the payment of urban solid waste collection fees according to the quality of the separation

15. Create new communication networks to increase citizen participation in decisions