Stages of Relationship

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Stages of Relationship by Mind Map: Stages of Relationship

1. Long Distance

1.1. FaceTime

1.2. Texting

2. Initiation Stage

2.1. Myth: Communication Will Solve Any Problem

2.1.1. Communication didn't solve the problems that kept us away from each other but exposed that we did have love for each other from the past.

2.2. Both very individualistic

2.2.1. A lot of I language still going on.

2.3. Shared In-Group: Mutual Friends

2.3.1. Hooked up again with the help of a mutual friend.

2.4. Begin Having talks about having kids and Marriage

2.4.1. Also Bonding Stage

3. Bonding

3.1. Going on Double Dates with each others friends

3.2. Having Family dinners with each other

3.3. Future Talk: Engagement Plans, Marriage, Plans, Kids Plans

3.4. We Talk

4. Intensifying

4.1. Posting Each Other On Social Media

5. Intergrating

5.1. Expressive Talk

5.1.1. Expressing Goals

5.1.2. What Kind of Relationship that we want.

5.1.3. Planning our future together

5.2. Affectionate Touch

5.2.1. Kissing

5.2.2. Sex

5.2.3. Holding Hands

5.3. Caregiving Touch

5.3.1. Grooming Each Other

5.4. Giving Each Other Gifts

5.4.1. Promise Ring

5.4.2. Name Necklace

5.4.3. Pandora Bracelet

6. Avoiding

6.1. Demand - Withdrawl

6.1.1. Arguments lead to me being flooded and just remove myself from the argument.

6.1.2. Not speaking to each other for a few hours.

7. Terminating

7.1. Has Not Occured

8. Experimenting

8.1. Channel Lean

8.1.1. Texting

8.1.2. FaceTime Calls

8.1.3. Face to Face Conversation

9. Stagnating

9.1. Dysfunctional Vs Functional Conflicts

9.1.1. Dysfunctional Conflict between us is usually about past issues and communication breaks down.

9.1.2. Functional Conflict Between us is the usual coming to a win loss - agreement

9.1.3. Compromise or win - win is something that takes time for us to reach.