Teaching and Technology

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Teaching and Technology by Mind Map: Teaching and Technology

1. Computers/Laptops

1.1. Track students' progress

1.2. Learn typing skills

1.3. Write essays

1.4. Type up school work/assignments

1.5. Conduct research

2. Wifi

2.1. Internet access can be used for research

2.2. Educational websites can be accessed

2.3. Non-educational websites can be blocked

3. Mobile Phones

3.1. Students can access the internet

3.2. Listen to eBooks and educational podcasts

3.3. Watch educational videos

4. Smart Whiteboards

4.1. Have access to internet

4.2. Has storage space so teachers can save the work that is done on them

4.3. Interactive learning

4.4. Teachers can use different learning styles on them to accommodate for all students

5. Projector

5.1. Displays images

5.2. Provides a visual demonstration for students

5.3. A different approach to teaching that might help students that are visual learners

5.4. Used in most subjects

6. DVD Player

6.1. Play education videos/movies

6.2. Watch movies related to what is being taught

7. Gamification

7.1. Use games to engage students

7.2. Use maths games to teach maths, grammar games to teach grammar etc.

7.3. To get students to engage more, teachers can have competitions and prizes to encourage students

8. Podcasts

8.1. Educational audio files that can be downloaded at school

8.2. Students can listen in their own time

8.3. Encourages individual learning

9. Tablets

9.1. Easier for teachers to connect to white board via bluetooth, so they are free to move around the classroom with it

9.2. Teachers can use for timer apps

9.3. Can be offered by the teacher as a reward to well behaving students to play games

9.4. Easier to watch educational videos from

10. Digital Camera

10.1. Teachers can take educational photos from excursions

11. Printers

11.1. Print out school notes, school work sheets

11.2. Make photocopies

12. Headphones

12.1. Students can use headphones to listen to audio files, watch educational videos