Different healthcare technologies

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Different healthcare technologies by Mind Map: Different healthcare technologies

1. EHR

1.1. central component of the health IT infrastructure

1.2. EHRs allow doctors to better keep track of your health information and may enable them to see it when you have a problem even if their office is closed

2. EMR

2.1. is a person's official, digital health record and is shared among multiple healthcare providers and agencies.

3. PHR

3.1. a person's self-maintained health record

4. HIE

4.1. a health data clearinghouse or a group of healthcare organizations that enter into an interoperability pact and agree to share data between their various health IT systems.

5. Electronic prescribing

5.1. allows your doctor to communicate directly with your pharmacy

6. telemedicine

6.1. enable secure video conversations between patients and providers. As the ease and convenience of video conferencing improves, telemedicine will be an important piece of the healthcare experience for patients who may need to speak to a physician or nurse face-to-face but do not necessarily need an in-office visit.