My Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

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My Personal Learning Environment (PLE) by Mind Map: My Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

1. Emails

1.1. Gmail

1.1.1. To use it in conjunction with Google Drive as Digital Learning applications.

1.2. Hotmail

1.2.1. My personal email that I use to subscribe to mailing lists for information.

1.3. Work Email Account

1.3.1. My work email which I use to communicate with the greater workplace community.

2. Websites

2.1. Google

2.1.1. My go to website when I need information on anything possible.

2.2. Institutional Repository

2.2.1. Unisa Library for academic articles

2.3. Online Libraries

2.3.1. Journals for academic articles and ebooks.

3. Social Media

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. Engaging in discussions on Facebook with friends and in topic groups has added to my learning experience.

3.2. Instagram

3.2.1. Seeing pictures with captions and live steaming through IG TV has contributed to my knowledge.

3.3. You Tube

3.3.1. I use You Tube as an additional resource for my studies and watching lectures plays a bit part in my learning journey.

3.4. LinkedIn

3.4.1. LinkedIn has contributed to my professional learning about the workplace.

3.5. Twitter

3.5.1. Similarly to Facebook, I use Twitter to follow journalist and news sites to stay up-to-date about what is happening in the world.

4. Applications

4.1. News24

4.1.1. News24 Application on my phone for financial and educational news around the globe.

4.2. Amazon Kindle

4.2.1. To read free books and learn.

4.3. Coursera

4.3.1. To complete free online courses and advance my knowledge on certain subjects.

4.4. Udemy

4.4.1. Free online informal courses to broaden understanding on current issues.

5. MyUnisa

5.1. Discussion Forums

5.1.1. I learn from online discussions with my peers as we debate certain topics related to our studies.

5.2. Lecturers

5.2.1. I learn directly from my lecturers and they influence my way of thinking and learning.

5.3. ePortfolio

5.3.1. The ePortfolio I am doing has encouraged life-long learning and Its interesting to see how it has developed my way of learning now that i can visually see my learning process.

5.4. Modules

5.4.1. Each module i do through UNISA has given me new knowledge which I never had before.

6. Traditional Media

6.1. Television

6.1.1. I use television to learn from documentaries and niche learning tv shows such as Black-ish.

6.2. Radio

6.2.1. I listen the radio on my way to work and i learn from listening to the news and discussions on topics of interest in the City.

6.3. Newspapers

6.3.1. I enjoy reading the news paper on a weekend to learn about whats happening in Society.

6.4. Magazines

6.4.1. I enjoy reading niche magazines to learn about whats happening with technology and how it continues to be integrated with education.

7. Networking

7.1. Community

7.1.1. Church

7.1.2. Traveling

7.1.3. Neighbors

7.2. Family and Friends

7.3. Work

7.3.1. Colleagues

7.3.2. Students

7.3.3. Service Providers