Chronic Asthma Exacerbation

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Chronic Asthma Exacerbation by Mind Map: Chronic Asthma Exacerbation

1. Epidemiology

1.1. Chronic airway inflammation that affects 300 million people across the globe

2. Pathophysiology

2.1. Inflammation of the air ways

3. Clinical Presentation

3.1. Wheezing and diaphoresis.

3.2. Chest tightness, cough

3.3. Inability to speak due to issues breathing

3.4. Altered mental status

3.5. Cyanosis, tachycardia

4. Diagnosis

4.1. Arterial blood gas

4.2. Assessment of clinical presentation

5. Treatment

5.1. Written action plan

5.2. Self managment education

5.3. Oral steroids and short acting inhalers with inhaler education

5.4. monitoring of patients’ parameters and for the possibility of requirement of mechanical ventilation

5.5. Managed in acute care facilities

5.6. Monitoring in respiratory intensive care units