Health Care Information Technologies

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Health Care Information Technologies by Mind Map: Health Care Information Technologies

1. Prehistoric and Ancient Medicine

1.1. "Both characterized by the belief that illness was caused by the supernatural" (Bowie & Green, 2016)

2. Medieval Medicine

2.1. "The most significant medical development was the construction of hospitals to care for the sick" (Bowie & Green, 2016)

3. Renaissance Medicine

3.1. "This was the beginning of modern medicine, based on education instead of spiritual beliefs" (Bowie & Green, 2016).

4. Modern Medicine

4.1. Cancer Registar

4.1.1. State and government registries that track cancer diagnoses and their treatments

4.2. Coding and Reimbursement Specialist

4.2.1. CPT Codes

4.2.2. ICD-10

4.3. Organizations and Policies

4.3.1. The Joint Commission

4.3.2. H.I.P.P.A

4.3.3. American Medical Association

4.4. Chief Information Officer

4.4.1. In control of technology and training people within an organization

4.5. Health Information Managers

4.5.1. Manages and Organizes a patients medical records and data

4.6. Radiology

4.6.1. MRI

4.6.2. X-Ray

4.6.3. CT

4.7. "The implementation of standards for sanitation, ventilation, hygiene, and nutrition"(Bowie & Green, 2016).

4.8. Vaccines

4.8.1. Chicken Pox

4.8.2. Polio

4.8.3. HPV

4.9. Healthy Diet

4.9.1. Food Pyramid

4.9.2. Special Diets for certain patients at "risk" i.e. cardiac patients

4.10. Private Practice vs Hospitals

4.10.1. 100s of Doctors vs a handful

4.11. Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants

4.11.1. Specialties such as Oncology and Dermatology, Surgery and Neurology

4.12. Chief Knowledge Officer

4.12.1. Managing the knowledge and the ways I which it is shared within an organization

4.13. Health Insurance Specialist

4.13.1. Medicare

4.13.2. Medicaid

4.13.3. Personal Health Insurance

4.13.4. Levels of coverage

4.14. Health Services Manager

4.14.1. Daily management of health care services

4.15. Medical Transcriptionist

4.15.1. Dictations turned into notes in Electronic Medical Records