God's will

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God's will by Mind Map: God's will

1. 1) Representative misperception of His calling

1.1. Easter Bunny : We should find His hidden will (personalized way) for our life.

1.2. Push me to wall : He will intrude my life for his purpose.

1.3. Luck is the will of God: Good things are His blessing and Bad things are His curse.

2. He is not a joy killer

3. 2) Requirements for finding His will (being with Him)

3.1. His definite will in Bible

3.1.1. To save people

3.1.2. To let you know Him

3.1.3. To let your neighbor know Him

3.2. Be always with the Spirit

3.2.1. Be filled with everything from Jesus Christ in every moment of your life, just like living with Jesus

3.3. Be pure and holy

3.3.1. To avoid the sexual temptation

3.3.2. To control your body and desires

3.4. To be a model in your society

3.4.1. To gain good reputation as Christian

3.4.2. To be good influencer

3.5. To join His suffering

3.5.1. To face the world for God

3.5.2. To endure suffering for Him

4. 3) Be free in His will

4.1. You can be free with Him

4.2. You can choose everything within Him