DJC Prospecting and Sales Process from A-Z

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DJC Prospecting and Sales Process from A-Z by Mind Map: DJC Prospecting and Sales Process from A-Z

1. Prospecting

1.1. Create lists via LinkedIn recruiter

1.2. Add 1000 contacts per account per week

1.3. Send added contacts message

1.3.1. Hi Martin! Are you looking to make a strategic career move? It looks like you’ve already built an impressive career—that you can leverage to get to the next level or to your desired role. We help high caliber leaders, like you, find fulfilling roles at companies they love—through a proven job search program that includes tailored 1:1 coaching. Watch our overview video here >> << and schedule time to talk about your goals and how to get the job you want. All the best, Mai

2. Overview Video Funnel

2.1. User goes to landing page: Overview - Dream Job Catcher

2.1.1. Enters: First, Last, Email

2.1.2. User watches video:

2.1.3. User books a strategy session

2.2. User is emailed a calendar invite with link to fill out survey

2.2.1. 4 day reminder

2.2.2. 1 day reminder

2.2.3. 1 hour reminder

3. Pre call prep

3.1. Personalized email based on their survey or something that stands out in their linkedin

3.1.1. Hi Dilip, I'm excited to speak with you tomorrow about what your dream job looks like since leaving Oracle. Please take a moment to fill out this intake survey prior to the call, it takes about 10-15 minutes and will allow us to bring relevant information to the session for you. Here are a few items that will be helpful to the call: - Program overview (attached) - The difference between an organic and intentional career Looking forward to our strategy session! All the best, Mai Idea: Should create a video introducing ourselves

4. Strategy session

4.1. 45 minute call

4.1.1. Script: Dream Job Catcher Strategy Session Script

5. Post call follow up

5.1. Custom follow up email based on topics of conversation

5.1.1. Subject: To your fulfillment Lauren! Hi Lauren, Such a pleasure speaking with you today! Thank you for taking the time to tell me more about the evolution of the amazing career you've built for yourself. Sounds like you're ready to align yourself with a role where you'll continually grow towards your career vision. We'd love to partner with you in that endeavor. I'm passing along some information that could be helpful to you as you think about your next dream job: - Forbes article: How Does Coaching Actually Help Leaders? - Dream Job Catcher Program Overview - Webinar replay: Building an intentional career with meaningful and fulfilling roles I spoke with our head coach, Julie Chase, about your background and experiences and she'd love to speak with you next Friday to learn more about you. Are you available at 11am EST? Enjoy your weekend Lauren! Talk to you soon. All the best, Mai Program overview Relevant article to help them decide: Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free.

5.2. Put call on Julie's Calendar

5.2.1. Hi Emily + Julie, Adding some time to both of your calendars to chat about Emily's ideal role and career alignment plan! Phone: 2069027911 LinkedIn: Thank you, Mai

6. Coach Chemistry Call

6.1. 15-30 minute call w/ Julie

7. Welcome/Payment email

7.1. Email with payment link

7.1.1. Hi Alex, So glad we get to join you on this journey to making an exciting career move to an exciting new industry and possibly even in a new city! [image.png] To officially join you can take care of your program investment of via this link: When your program investment is completed you will receive an official welcome email from Julie to schedule your first session as well as be given lifetime access to the online portal. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. Alex's dream job, here we come! Best, Mai