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Mediation by Mind Map: Mediation

1. advantages

1.1. A Advantage of mediation is that you can come to an agreement with employees.

1.2. Another advantage is that it promotes better communication between employees.

1.3. Anther advantage is that usually with a successful mediation no-one has to loose there job ad usually no-one has any hard feelings which reduces law suits.

2. disadvantages

2.1. A disadvantage wisen it comes to mediation is that is can be awkward and uncomfortable.

2.2. Another disadvantage is that sometimes depending on how comfortable the person is speaking, if they are intimidated they may not share everything so the problem could only get partially solved.

2.3. Does not always solve the whole matter at large.

3. mediator qualifications

3.1. Not a sexual harassment allegation

3.2. Not a hostile work environment allegation

3.3. Both parties agree to meet

3.4. There is no intimidation

3.5. both parties have the mindset of wanting to come to a resolution.