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Life Goals by Mind Map: Life Goals

1. Career Goals

1.1. Complete both internships

1.2. Secure a job prior to graduating

1.3. Find a job that will pay for higher education

1.4. Find a job that I can move up in

1.5. Start my own business

2. Health and Fitness

2.1. Lose 15 pounds by August 2019

2.2. Exercise daily

2.2.1. At least an hour

2.3. Eat a well balanced meal

2.4. Do yoga

2.5. Drink a gallon of water a day

2.6. Eat breakfast

2.7. Drink black coffee/tea

2.8. Do a split

3. Financial

3.1. Save $2,000 over the summer

3.2. Limit spending $80 a week

3.3. Eat out only once a week

3.4. Limit getting my nails done to once a week

3.5. Start investing

3.6. Own a rental property

3.7. Own my own home

3.8. Pay off my student loans

3.9. Pay off my credit cards

4. Experiences

4.1. Go sky diving

4.2. Travel out of the country

4.2.1. Go to Europe

4.2.2. Visit the statue of my ancestors in Scotland

4.2.3. Go to the Bahamas

4.3. Go to al the museums in D.C.

4.4. Start gardening

4.5. Go to

5. Education

5.1. Graduate in May 2020

5.2. Go to grad school

5.3. Listen to podcasts weekly

5.4. Read a book a month

5.5. Get nothing less than a gpa of 3.5

5.6. Learn a second language

5.7. Get a management internship

6. Family

6.1. Visit my out of state family at least once a month

6.1.1. Go to New jersey once a month

6.1.2. Go to New York once a month

6.2. Pick my brother out for lunch once a week

6.3. Go to my brothers baseball games

6.4. Adopt a child

7. Free time

7.1. Spend less time social media

7.2. Get a hobby