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The Marrow Thieves by Mind Map: The Marrow Thieves

1. What I have learned...

1.1. By redeveloping my unit on "The Marrow Thieves" I have changed the following:

1.2. - Provide an opportunity for students to explore issues regarding residential schools as a group.

1.2.1. - Allow for more opportunities for group discussions. - Provide students with the opportunities to explore Truth and Reconciliation document.

1.2.2. - Provide students with opportunities for experiential learning opportunities. - Allow students to build relationships with local Indigenous communities, to demonstrate their understanding of the novels themes.

2. Truth and Reconciliation

2.1. - Have students explore the document.

2.2. - Have them develop an inquiry question that they explore throughout the unit.

2.3. - Have students create a campaign that explores one of the ideas in the Truth and Reconciliation document.

2.3.1. - Have students explore Harper's apology as part of Truth and Reconciliation

3. The Environment

3.1. - This is a major theme in the novel. Students need to understand the importance of of reconciling with the environment.

3.1.1. - Students will explore a way to bring awareness about the environment to their school community.

3.2. - Students will make connections between the environment and the themes within the novel.

3.2.1. - Students will work together to help improve their local environment throughout the unit.

4. ILP

4.1. - Helped me to make meaningful connections between the course concepts and how to teach "The Marrow Thieves"

4.2. - I have incorporated Truth and Reconciliation into my unit, which I did not before.

4.2.1. - Students will develop and understanding of the importance of Indigenous communities and teachings in Canada.

4.3. - It truly allowed me to reflect on my practice and grow as a teacher.