Boyfriend and Girlfriend

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Boyfriend and Girlfriend by Mind Map: Boyfriend and Girlfriend

1. initiating

1.1. met in high school; star football player and new foreign exchange student

1.2. Myth: communication will solve any problem

2. Experimenting

2.1. getting to know each other making small talk

2.2. seeing what each other likes

3. Intensifying

3.1. They started having sex after getting to know each other

3.2. they started skipping classes and school together

3.3. Falling asleep on the phone

3.4. They both are starting to like each other

4. Integrating

4.1. met each others parents

4.2. waited for each other outside of classes and walked each other to class.

4.3. cutting other people off for each other

5. Bonding

5.1. They meet each others parents and try to win over each of the parents.

5.2. They are now known for being a couple; wherever one goes the other does too.

5.3. They gave each other their social media passwords and post each other on there weekly

5.4. He tells people how he cannot leave her based off their past and how they met.

6. Differentiating

6.1. cheated one time and they began seeing the flaws in one another.

6.2. Argues every couple weeks

6.3. They still have each others password, but he does not have her on his page and she does.

6.4. They now are not in that euphoric high of the relationship

7. Circumscribing

7.1. He begins to hang up on her when he does not feel like talking.

7.2. She calls him back to back, but he ignores her and continues to play the game.

7.3. You do not hear the same lovey dovey person he used to be he is feeling burnt out.

7.4. Phone calls are more silent than they used to and it is not the same quality talk it used to be

8. Stagnating

8.1. He moves to college while she is still in high school.

8.2. He knows how she is going to react to things so he just ignores her when there is an arguement.

8.3. She knows he is going to lie so she blocks him whenever a topic is brought up.

8.4. Got caught cheating again right before she planned to come out here.

8.5. keeps saying that he is about to break up with her

8.6. While she is out here he goes and have sex with another girl showers and then go home to her and fall asleep with her.

9. Avoiding

9.1. He knows that she is coming out to see him soon so they both avoid the tension in order for the better good, but it is still there.

9.2. They do not really avoid each other, they just tried to avoid topics because they know it will lead to an arguement.

10. Terminating

10.1. She finds out he cheated again and she blocks him on everything.

10.2. He has no way of contact, he can only contact the best friend.

10.3. The best friend tells him that she has been seeing other guys and he has just been out of it.

10.4. He hasn't been working out doing homework or taking care of himself and he flew home early.

10.5. He is trying to win her back but she is not falling for the same tricks; they are over and he is heartbroken.