Nature has a Bigger Influence on Our Personalities

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Nature has a Bigger Influence on Our Personalities by Mind Map: Nature has a Bigger Influence on Our Personalities

1. David Reimer

1.1. David Reimer was a Canadian child born as a boy, but had sexual reconstruction surgery to become a female after a circumcision malfunction. His family tried to raise him as a girl but it didn't matter as he always felt more masculine than feminine. At the age of 15 David Reimer's parents told him about his surgery and he decided to live life as a boy.

2. Freud's Theory of Aggression

2.1. Aggression is an intuitive drive that all humans have, it is unavoidable. Freud believed that humans posses aggression from birth as well as pleasure.

3. Francis Galton's theory of intelligence

3.1. Galton believed that intellectual ability was largely inherited from our parents and their games. Galton published a book called Hereditary Genius where he proposed a theory of arranged marriages between specific men and women to create a gifted race.

4. Genetic Diseases

4.1. Cystic Fibrosis- A genetic disease where a child receives two faulty genes, both copies of genes responsible for cystic fibrosis. 25% of people in Canada carry one gene responsible for CF.

5. Nature Killer

5.1. Ted Bundy

5.1.1. Ted Bundy is a known serial killer that raped and murdered 30 women across America. He is what is called a nature killer, someone who murders without the influence of childhood trauma, neglect or aspects of his life that made him who he is. Ted Bundy had a great childhood and he was raised by his loving mother. Something in his genes triggered and become the root for all the kills and chaos in his life.

5.2. Donald Harvey

5.2.1. Donald Harvey was an American serial killer that killed almost 70 patients in a hospital during the 70s and 80s. Donald Harvey was as well a nature killer. He had no vendettas, family issues or was a victim of any trauma in his life time. He was a regular middle aged man who was raised well, he seemed ready for a career, family and life in general. But unfortunately something that was in his genes lead him to commit such horrid crimes.

6. Mental illness

6.1. Schizophrenia- Can be genetic mental disease. A persistent and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thanks and views the world, by not being able to tell what's reality and what's not

7. Genetic Study

7.1. A study was done at Edinburgh University where they researched if genetics had a greater impact on our personality and how successful one is in their life.

7.1.1. In this study a group of twins were diagnosed, the results they found were that identical twins are twice as likely to share similar personality traits than fraternal twins. This implies that their DNA has the greatest impacts.

7.1.2. One major factor they discovered was self control, they found a big genetic difference in peoples ability to restrain and control themselves and how they react to confrontation in a positive way.

7.1.3. "Previously, the role of family and the environment around the home often dominated people's ideas about what affected psychological well being. However, this work highlights a much more powerful influence from genetics." (Professor Timothy Bates, Edinburgh University)