WW2 (Nazi policies)

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WW2 (Nazi policies) by Mind Map: WW2 (Nazi policies)

1. Racism

1.1. The Jews in Nazi Germany were forced to wear these yellow badges to show that they were Jews. They served as badges of shame, making people feel like outsiders.

1.2. Nazi blamed judes for loosing the great war

1.3. The more powerfull Nazi empire becamed the more judes suffer

1.4. Many few judes survived to the nazi empire

1.5. Their synagogues were burnt down; their houses smashed and shops closed. In 1935, Hitler took away all their rights.

1.6. Just to be a Jew became a crime in Hitler's Germany.

1.7. Nazi did not allow people to believe other religions

2. Nazi totalitarian government

2.1. Hitler controled:

2.1.1. What they believe

2.1.2. Where they go

2.1.3. Who they get together with

2.1.4. The hour they go to sleep

2.1.5. Their opinions

2.1.6. Where they live and how they dress!

2.1.7. The freedom of movement

2.1.8. Freedom of thought

2.1.9. Freedom of speech

3. How did nazi assured people followed rules?

3.1. Nazi empire used violent methos

3.2. They also used propaganda to convince people

3.3. If you did something wrong probably you finished in jail

3.4. Hitler controlled education

4. Militarism

4.1. thay belived thay could only mantain control and achieve there goals by having a strong military force

5. Anti-communism

5.1. Nazis hated russian and her new government. Hitler bealived that russia ideas could spread around the world so he wanted to conquer them and remove there government.

6. The master race

6.1. Nazis bealived that pure Germans were master race an they should rule tha world.

7. Nationalism

7.1. Nazis bealived that Germany was their nation and pure germans should live in their land

8. Expansion

8.1. Nazis bealived that pure germans had the right to live confortanly so thay should conquer other lands to do so

9. education

9.1. Nazis bealived that young people should be trained to serve Germany and the Nazi party.

9.2. Hitler created touth groups like boy scouts to train th kids to turn into nazis

9.3. Schools were controlled by nazis an many subjects were banned like books

9.4. Children were brainwash an they finished against their own families

9.5. They would tell nazi police every time they did something wrong