Movement and Learning in Elementary School

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Movement and Learning in Elementary School by Mind Map: Movement and Learning in Elementary School

1. What is movement integration?

1.1. Interdisciplinary method of teaching

1.2. Strengthens learning

1.3. Contributes to students' recommended daily physical activity

2. There are two types of interest.

2.1. Personal Interest

2.1.1. Builds and persists over time

2.2. Situational Interest

2.2.1. Focused attention on stimuli at a particular moment

2.3. Greater levels of both types promote stronger attention, motivation, and content learning

3. Educational researchers have only recently begun to look closely at the effects of integrating gesture, dance, and other kinds of movement into the classroom.

4. Movement has a positive influence!

4.1. Boosts interest levels

4.2. Supports greater sustained attention to lessons

4.3. Students learn more effectively and commit concepts more easily to long-term memory

5. There are many strategies to incorporate movement in the classroom.

5.1. Dancing to learn and retain information

5.2. Associating content with specific movements

5.3. Moving among stations around the room

5.4. Students organizing themselves into lines, rows, or other groupings

5.5. Students using their bodies to represent key academic terms and ideas