me, myself and I

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me, myself and I by Mind Map: me, myself and I

1. With 9 friends go to Welcome to Banneux! - Banneux Notre-Dame

2. Inferential communication

2.1. 10 tests a week

2.1.1. I don't want to go to the concert

2.1.2. could you check my printer

2.1.3. my back is sore massage

2.1.4. sitting down in my swimming boxers, asking me to stand up and say outloud "nice picture"

3. Weekend

3.1. Essence: preserve love for Kim

3.1.1. plan to go to chappel with friend

3.1.2. Kim joined unexpected !!! Unplanned

3.1.3. still proceeded proud for proceding This was for me 2 second moment felt good go with the flow she waited for me to comfort me avoided her 2 times 3 time I allowed her in she had no idea of why I did what I did Asked her if whe wanted to know what I did was in line with my code

3.1.4. Follow up She not sure what to do Yes I want to know no I don't want to know remarks: She thougt I was going to propose, or make some attempt towards her Finally she did want to know and I explained what and why I did wht I did

3.1.5. Burn 2 candles: 1 for Saint Michael, I for eternal love Why ? In some way or form deal with the situation and emotions, dick pick guy still mother of the kids as assitance to Saint Michael to protect the white and battle the black Michael (archangel) - Wikipedia Find a way to proceed

3.2. Day after

3.2.1. change in attitude more open even studied my body with a grin multiple times more relaxed and chill

3.3. Metallica concert

3.3.1. full blown CSI mode on with who I went to the concert with but was to scared/insecure to ask

4. Work

4.1. New proposal from company 30 min drive

4.1.1. they honoured my proposal I wrote as best of final offer

4.1.2. they recognized the value that I put in

4.2. Friday last meeting with other company 10 min drive

4.3. Friday final descision

5. kids

5.1. Nikki

5.1.1. she has to do 1 year over

5.1.2. needs to be tested for ADD or something

5.1.3. checklist needs to be sent

5.2. Sera

5.2.1. no problem

5.3. Indy

5.3.1. challenges with mom Mom used coke instead of taking care of her - collapse of trust

5.4. Noa (kim's daughter)

5.4.1. living by her code responds well to my guidance respecting herself and her body

5.4.2. loves to be around

5.4.3. asked to adopt her

6. sport

6.1. krav maga

6.1.1. This weekend seminars and exams

6.1.2. have the kids, but no babysit

6.2. gym

6.2.1. going goog

7. kim

7.1. Dick pick guy

7.1.1. again is cheating on her

7.1.2. Kim got proof of the mistake

7.2. hard to let her walk her path

7.2.1. kids are directly involved