Inclusive design/ Disability

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Inclusive design/ Disability by Mind Map: Inclusive design/ Disability

1. How?

1.1. Is it easy to use?

1.1.1. Large portion of the population suffers with chronic pain.

1.2. Fashionable

1.2.1. Does it follow the trends? A lot of people are undermined by their clothes.

1.3. Does it improve quality of life?

1.3.1. Because they are physically unable to wear the clothes.

1.4. Provides, structure and support.

2. Inclusive?

2.1. Gender

2.1.1. Women or gender non- conforming

2.2. Age

2.2.1. Maybe a variety of ages?

2.3. Can it benefit others?

2.3.1. Is there a gap in the market?

2.3.2. Do a lot of people suffer?

2.4. Previous examples:

2.4.1. Tommy Hilfigure M&S

3. Who?

3.1. Disabilities such as:

3.1.1. Rheumatoid,Psoriatic and osteopathic Arthritis. Numb Hands/loss of feeling. Fastenings Can’t grip onto to things easily. Large zippers Sporadic movements Fastenings Swellings/stiffness Elasticated waist

3.1.2. Cerebral Palsy Tremors Strong fastenings Lack of muscle co-ordination No difficult fastens Exaggerated movements Easy use Rigid fingers Easy close and open

3.1.3. Huntington’s &Parkinson’s disease Parkinson’s Loss of automatic movements. Rigid movements. Tremors- uncontrollable pain through the limbs Huntington’s Muscle rigidity- lack of rotation movements Tremors/ fits Involuntary movements and jerking movements.

3.1.4. Raynaud’s Numbness/loss of feeling. Strong fastens Jerking movements Easy use Random sharp pain running through hands. Cold, fragile hands. Stable fastens

3.2. Designed for women or gender non-conforming.

3.3. People who are unable to wear a majority of clothes because of the restrictive styles.

4. What?

4.1. Using these fastenings.

4.1.1. Variety of fastenings: Magnetic poppers. Velcro. Ribbons Chunky zips.

4.2. Skirt or dress.

4.3. Shirt/blouse

4.3.1. Pantsuit/overalls

4.4. Anything that improves the quality of life of a user.