Emotional Numbness


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Emotional Numbness by Mind Map: Emotional Numbness

1. Alexithymia

1.1. As medical term

1.2. Associated with/A feature of certain pathologies

1.2.1. Eating disorders Anorexia nervosa Bulimia ... others

2. ... is almost always acquired

2.1. Except for the brain structural differences like Sociopaths

3. Synonyms

3.1. Alexithymia

4. Reversible

4.1. Given the right approach

4.2. Always a result of stabilization and processing

4.2.1. Emotional Stabilization

4.2.2. Emotional Processing

5. A natural defense mechanism

5.1. Something has been too painful - that leads to shunning of that emotion

6. Neurophysiological mechanisms

6.1. Research

7. Behavioral mechanisms

7.1. Avoidance