Philosophy Of Education Delaram Mehrrostami

Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy Of Education Delaram Mehrrostami by Mind Map: Philosophy Of Education Delaram Mehrrostami

1. My Name is Delaram Mehrrostami and I will be a senior math major, teaching concentration next fall in CSUF. My goal is to teach math in high school.

2. Purpose of Education is to provide an environment for learners to achieve the highest knowledge and life skills for real life. learners should be able to solve their own problem and also work as a team member and help others in their difficulty. Teacher is the captan of the education boat. Teacher has to make a welcoming, warm environment for students and teach knowledge and skills. Teacher is a facilitator in problem solving process and critical thinking. students are the learners in the educational boat. They have to be actively participate in the classroom , be able to work as team member and help others.

3. Teaching Adolescents Teaching a classroom of adolescents can be challenging , but teenager's brain is ready to learn, explore and build. A successful teacher can help teenagers to choose the right path for their future and use classroom and school as a platform to build a bright future.

4. Design instructions to have greatest impact on adolescents : working in a group of 4 or 5 students on projects and democratic procedures can have a positive impact on adolescents. Students can suggest games and activities about the curriculum. Instructor has to design productive learning environment for learners to keep them active and interested in the subject. I will teach mathematics in high school and math is one of the hated subject. Cooperative learning: working in group, thinking and sharing new ideas will teach students life skills. This method is called Think-pair-share. Jigsaw is a teaching strategy of organizing students group work that help students collaborate and rely on one another. Technology has a great impact on students's life. students can use safe websites, YouTube videos and online engine engines for projects.

5. Conclusion: Education prepare students to be productive and contributing members of society. Teacher is expert of content knowledge and passes on to next generation the accumulated wisdom of the past. The students learn by doing and discovering. Technology and group work are some strategies that improve learning process. Quizzes and analyzing student's work are examples of formative assessments. end of semester exams and district benchmarks are examples of summative assessments.

6. Entry-Level Assessment determine the range of students in the class. This Assessments divide students into two groups. One group who are below the grade level and second group who are above the grade level. Formative Assessment is a part of instruction process when incorporated into classroom practice, it provides the information needed to adjust teaching and learning while they are happening in the same time. Analyzing student work and quizzes are some examples of formative assessments. Summative assessments are given periodically to determine at a particular point in time what students know and do not know. State assessments, district benchmark, end of unit test and end of semester exams are some examples of summative assessments.

7. My subject area: secondary Mathematics My goal is to have an active math class and all students understand the meaning of math formula and math problems. Understanding and interpreting the math content is an essential skill that I want to teach.