Indian Removal Act 1830

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Indian Removal Act 1830 by Mind Map: Indian Removal Act 1830

1. Force thousands of Cherokee Native Americans to relocate

1.1. More than 46,000 Native Americans were forced to leave their homes and be relocated in the new "Indian Terrority"

2. This became known as the Trail of Tear

2.1. The trail stretched from Tennessee to Oklahoma from 1838-1839

2.2. Many Cherokees suffered on the long march.

2.2.1. Long cold, tiresome walk with out enough food Around 4,000 Cherokee died on the long journey

3. Members of Congress didn't agree with the act such as Davy Crockett

3.1. Many agreed with Cherokee tribe that it was illegal to force them to sign a treaty

4. The removal produces 25 million acres of fertile, profitable farmland to white settlers

4.1. Freed up land: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas

5. President Andrew Jackson and Georgia Officials

5.1. Ignored court's decision that it was illegal to force a treaty on the Cherokee tribe

5.1.1. 1838 rounded up 15,000 Cherokee and put them in prison camp.

5.1.2. Local residents burned Cherokee homes

5.1.3. Troops then send Cherokees west in groups of 1,000

6. John Ross: principal chief of the Cherokee Nation

6.1. lead his people west of the Mississippi

6.1.1. end of the trail is in Oklahoma, many Cherokee still live there.