Applications of Science-It is all Connected

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Applications of Science-It is all Connected by Mind Map: Applications of Science-It is all Connected

1. Technology

1.1. technology for a scientific purpose

1.1.1. predict human behavior develop ways to improve living use data collection

1.2. technology for a scientific product

1.2.1. understanding severe weather predicting severe weather satellite images

1.3. technology for a scientific process

1.3.1. the scientific method identify a problem research hypothesis plan & implement experiment computers Analyze data form a conclusion and communicate results

2. Engineering

2.1. designs for scientific purpose

2.1.1. measures tools build it right tools for the task making calculations making a watch work correct dimensions to make it work architecture

2.2. design for a scientific product

2.2.1. product need human diseases microscopes

2.3. designs for a scientific process

2.3.1. discover disease design ways to look at disease make something that can see small virus and bacteria

3. Predicting Human Needs

3.1. water

3.1.1. food shelter medical care

4. Predicting Human Interactions

4.1. helping families

4.1.1. teaching students helping special needs improving mental health

5. Predicting Environmental Needs & Impacts

5.1. global warming

5.1.1. clean oceans energy deforestation

6. Understanding the Physical World & Interactions

6.1. chemistry

6.1.1. physics geology astronomy rocks land forms energy gravity

6.1.2. medicines

6.1.3. elements

7. Enabling Better Living on the Planet

7.1. clean energy

7.1.1. sustainability comfortable living health of living things

8. Understanding the Universe

8.1. planets

8.1.1. stars earth's rotation moon

9. Understanding Living Things

9.1. people

9.2. plants

9.3. insects &animals

9.4. bacteria & virus

9.5. micro organisms

10. Understanding Psychology & Human Behavior & Development

10.1. observation

10.1.1. data communication practices