Armstrong Family

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Armstrong Family by Mind Map: Armstrong Family

1. Mary Debenham

1.1. A young English woman governess

1.2. Governess to Daisy Armstrong

2. Antonio Foscarelli

2.1. An Italian man. He is a car salesman.

2.2. Previously worked as the Armstrongs' chauffeur and was very fond of little Daisy Armstrong.

3. Hildegarde Schmidt,

3.1. A middle-aged German woman

3.2. The Armstrongs' former cook

4. Cyrus Hardman

4.1. A large, flashy American

4.2. He was in love with Daisy's French nurse (Susanne) who committed suicide after Daisy was killed.

5. Colonel Arbuthnot

5.1. A British colonel traveling from India

5.2. A friend of Colonel Armstrong

6. Countess Andreny

6.1. Helena Andrenyi a young woman traveling on a diplomatic passport, and the wife of Count Andrenyi.

6.2. The young sister of Sonia Armstrong

7. Princess Dragomiroff:

7.1. A very wealthy Russian

7.2. Sonia Armstrong's godmother

8. Greta Ohlsson

8.1. a Swedish woman, is a nurse who claims she previously was a matron in a missionary school.

8.2. Daisy Armstrong's nurse

9. Mrs. Hubbard

9.1. She is Linda Arden, a famous British actress

9.2. Daisy’s grandma

10. Edward Masterman

10.1. British man

10.2. A chauffeur in the Armstrong household

11. Hector MacQueen

11.1. A tall American

11.2. His father is the district attorney who prosecuted the Daisy Armstrong case.

12. Pierre Michel

12.1. A Fench wagon-lit conductor of the Istanbul-Calais coach.

12.2. His daughter Susanne was the Armstrongs' nursemaid; she committed suicide.

13. Samuel Ratchettl

13.1. Real name Cassetti

13.2. Kidnapped and murdered the young Daisy Armstrong

14. Hercule Poirot

14.1. A retired Belgian police officer

14.2. He is responsible for the investigation of Ratchett's murder

14.3. M. Bouc, the director of the Compagnie Wagon Lits, and Poirot's friend.

14.4. Dr. Constantine,The coroner aboard the Orient Express..He is often Poirot or M. Bouc's friend.