Mechanical Hazard

Mechanical Hazard

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Mechanical Hazard by Mind Map: Mechanical Hazard

1. Chances of hazards: • Slips, trips and falls may happen when using a machine with long cords. Like using an extension for vacuum in an events room. • Staff will need to move heavy objects by using forklifts. People around might get hit and injured if the driver of the forklift have a minimal view of the surrounding. • Shearing, crushing and impact might happen when moving and repairing parts of the machine. • Electric shock is possible when the machine is not properly used.

2. Mechanical Hazard occurs when a machine is not correctly.

3. One kind of mechanical hazard is moving and using an equipment from one place to another. Such as in an event, an Operation Staff will need to use machinery like forklift, vacuum and automatic floor scrubbers.

4. Ways to prevent hazard: • Always put a sign visible to everyone around that someone is working • Wear proper working attire and use the right tools in using machineries • Make walkways or path where pedestrian could walk safely • Employers should provide information and training on how to use equipment properly • Workers must comply with the safety regulations of the machines they used