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Computer by Mind Map: Computer

1. Inputs

1.1. Keyboards

1.1.1. The keyboard is the most basic input device for the computer. It allows data to be entered in a written language, either computer code or human language. Finding the place for a personal PC at every desk int he classroom might be asking a little too much of schools, especially budget restricted schools.

1.2. Mouse

1.2.1. A mouse can allow students to point and click on items of interest. It can be used to input information via drop down lists, and check boxes. A Point and Click type system might be easier to integrate into the classroom, though, it would require extensive setting up previous to use and may be more trouble then it is worth. Or maybe not... is the homework done? Check...

1.3. Internet

1.3.1. The physical aside having internet puts the entire worlds learning at your fingertips.

2. Outputs

2.1. Internet

2.1.1. Having internet access not only allows one to bring information in but it allows them to put so much out as well. If there are computers in the school there is no reason not to have the internet. assuming the proper security measures are in place and adult sites are blocked.

2.2. Printers

2.2.1. Having the ability to print documents and information allows one to take it with them when they can't take the whole computer. This will give students the ability to have information at home to work from even if they do not have a PC of their own or internet.