ASSET BASED MAP: Walkerville

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ASSET BASED MAP: Walkerville by Mind Map: ASSET BASED MAP: Walkerville

1. Spar: Often launches competitions -includes schools

2. Adonai Fellowship, runs an aftercare (SHINE can get involved)

3. Unison between Primary School and Nursery Schools

4. Cotholic Church hosts a reading programme: (SHINE can get involved.)

5. Annelize de Souza, Nasreen Ebrahim (Aloe Ridge Principal and Deputy) KEEN

6. Dryden Construction

7. Tambu Chawatama : Identified as a "leader"

8. MEZE-Foodgroup, could get involved in donations to Buddy Readers


10. Marina du Plooy, Mindmoves Instructor, hosted 2 successful workshops

11. Juditte Schlebusch(Phonographix) advanced reading therapist