Using Cutters


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Using Cutters by Mind Map: Using Cutters

1. What is it? People need to use cutters to perform variety of works, such as opening corrugated cardboard boxes while protect the product inside, or portioning products. There is a risk that people may get injured by the cutters as they have sharp edges.

1.1. Useful preventative measure 1:

1.2. Use the right tool for the job, and use it properly while doing the task. For example, in a kitchen, if a knife is not the proper one, or it has been used for a long time and not maintained in a right way. People will be easily to get hurt while using it.

1.3. Useful preventative measure 2:

1.4. Make rules for using, maintaining, and keeping the tools. Keep people to get access to get the tools at the least necessary level, in order to avoid others to get injured.

2. Who may be affected? - Restaurant chiefs - Woodmen - Fire fighters - Workers in factories - Maintenance workers

2.1. Useful preventative measure 3:

2.2. Make sure people are trained for the necessary skill about how to use the tools in correct way, and risk of misuse them. Keep the content of training up to date, and conduct the training regularly as needed.

2.3. Useful preventative measure 4:

2.4. Get people protected while working. For example prepare safety equipment such as gloves, safety shoes, etc. Install some caution signs, or signs showing work procedures, that can rise workers’ attention. Use safer tools that protect workers to some extent.

3. eLCOSH : Hazards of Operating Unguarded Stone Cutters and Splitters in Landscaping and Other Worksites Workers can get easily injured if the employer does not learn the importance of health and safety awareness in the workplace today. So companies must rise their awareness by learning the law and regulation in the industry, providing the necessary training to the workers, and safety equipment.